Nolan Hack breaks down more draft-eligible talent:


D.J. Fluker (OT, Alabama):  (+’s) He’s just a very strong athlete, and he uses his strength well in pass protection and can dominate in the run game.  He has surprisingly quick feet and can become the next dominate run-blocking tackle in the NFL.  (-‘s) Fluker lacks fluidity in his hips, which will lead to him getting beat on some pass plays.  He chops his feet & doesn't move very well when getting up the field, or when pulling to make a block in the run game.  Fluker doesn't stay square and overextends himself when trying to defend pass-rushers fighting to beat him off the edge.


Star Lotulelei (DT, Utah):  (+’s) He has very strong and powerful hands, which he uses to muscle away double teams during runs or penetrate the backfield and blow up the play.  He has impressive agility, and can attack outside runs.  (-‘s) He’s not a game-changer as a pass-rusher (he actually had less combined sacks [5] and QB hurries than ILB Manti Te'o [5.5] during the 2012 season).  He lacks the size to be a prototypical NFL nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme.  He struggles at times, and will get blocked when he tries to shoot the gap (leaving himself out of position to make a play).


Matt Elam (SS, Florida):  (+’s) He never gives up on a play!  Elam can diagnose plays well when defending in the box and can lay the wood when closing on a ball carrier.  (-‘s) Elam lacks the range to cover the deep half of the field and is most comfortable as an in-the-box safety.  He goes for the shoestring tackles too often, and can get a little too rough out there (he will draw some personal fouls).


-Nolan Hack & Joseph Haas

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Nolan Hack’s NFL-DEA (Draft Eligible Analysis) is a segment of focusing on talent entering the 2013 NFL Draft.  Mr. Hack utilizes his hours of game film study to arrive at his conclusions on players.  All player evaluation found in this article are those of Mr. Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).