Let’s take a look at some underrated prospects with potential to make general managers think twice before skipping over them, and have talent-evaluators swallowing their stopwatches!

DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Clemson):  (+’s) He has great hands and snatches the ball out of the air like a vacuum.  He can get open and make plays down the field.  He has the talent to be a pro bowl/franchise receiver.  (-‘s) Hopkins doesn’t take the best angles at times when open field presents itself.  He lacks good kick or punt return skills and could be a “one year wonder” (only recording 1,000 yards receiving and double digit TDs in his final season).

Travis Kelce (TE, Cincinnati): (+’s) He's a complete tight end & can make plays downfield in the passing game.  He has great strength when blocking (blocks like a lineman), but is also quick enough to turn it up field after the catch.  (-‘s) Kelce has trouble getting open against press man coverage & has a difficult time getting free versus physical, man to man coverage.  He lacks quickness at the top of his routes and gets muscled by smaller defenders.  He also had some serious off-the-field trouble, which could raise some red flags.

Jamar Taylor (CB, Boise St.): (+’s) He's a physical corner; he's only 192lbs, but plays like he’s 202lbs!  Taylor was asked to cover the opposing team's top WR & had success doing so.  He also has nice recovery speed in a short area.  (-‘s) Taylor can get beat in the short field versus play-action passes (he’s inconsistent versus play-action passes in general).  He doesn't have very good hands, and will drop an interception or two.  He also has a tendency to give a large cushion when playing in off-man coverage.

-Nolan Hack & Joseph Haas

Nolan Hack’s NFL-DEA (Draft Eligible Analysis) is a segment of HaasStyleInterpretations.com focusing on talent entering the 2013 NFL Draft.  Mr. Hack utilizes his hours of game film study to arrive at his conclusions on players.  All player evaluations found in this article are those of Mr. Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).