Here’s a look at some prospects that may catch the eye of talent-evaluators, but could send general managers looking for work after the 2013 NFL season!


EJ Manuel (QB, Florida State):  (+’s) He’s a dangerous runner in general, and a constant threat in the read-option, which he has tons of experience with.  He’s a tough ballplayer, and can play through injuries without losing effectiveness.  Manuel can make smart, accurate throws against tight coverage in the short and intermediate parts of the field.  (-‘s) He makes questionable decisions as a signal caller & didn’t show good leadership qualities on the field at FSU.  Manuel doesn't make enough plays in tight games and can't be trusted to win the big games.  He has good arm strength, but doesn't know what to do with it.  He has real problems throwing down the field, with too many of his passes sailing on him.  He also misses wide-open targets far too often when he feels the rush.  Nolan's pick: late fourth-round.


Alec Olgetree (ILB, Georgia): (+’s) For a linebacker, he has great extension when defending in coverage.  Olgetree also has the ability to shoot into the backfield, quickly blowing up an attempted run.  He’s a strong tackler, and can meet the running back head-on in the hole… and take him down!  (-‘s) It’s hard to overlook his horrible decision-making, both on and off the field (ex: From taking poor angles to the football when defending the run, to him being arrested multiple times).  Olgetree gets caught out of position too often when attacking the run and doesn't diagnose the outside runs quickly enough to benefit the defense.


Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee): (-‘s) Hunter has no problem accelerating and turning it up field after the catch.  He can also make the catch in traffic against double coverage.  He has the physical tools and raw talent to be a pro bowl WR in the NFL.  (-‘s) He runs sloppy routes at times, and simply put, he has problems focusing.  This problem can limit his productivity, leading to him running the wrong routes and dropping passes.  In 2012, Hunter failed to record 100 yards receiving versus a ranked opponent (in two of those games, he failed to hit the 50 yard mark!).  Will he show up in big games… GMs are asking themselves the very same question!


-Nolan Hack & Joseph Haas

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Nolan Hack’s NFL-DEA (Draft Eligible Analysis) is a segment of focusing on talent entering the 2013 NFL Draft.  Mr. Hack utilizes his hours of game film study to arrive at his conclusions on players.  All player evaluation found in this article are those of Mr. Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).